Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday Night at Grace

What a fantastic party! It was great to see everyone. Here are a few photos.



Laurin, Emily and Hoa
(check out those name tags - Laurin subjected us all to photos from our senior yearbook!)

Caroline and Liz (after a few Beavertinis)

Caroline, Julia and Laurin after a few more Beavertinis

Some interesting things we learned at our reunion:
  • Weekday events at the schools don't seem to draw a large turnout
  • We still know all the words to "By Truth and Toil"
  • Condeleeza Rice spoke to us on our Washington trip
  • It's great to be around a bunch of other women who "get our sh*t" as only our Brearley classmates can (I can't remember who exactly this quote should be attributed to)
  • Beavertinis are damn good!
More photos to follow in the coming days!

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